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‘Kira VS Kira’ In The News – #1 VOD Spot and Reviews

Kira VS Kira Part III - The Girls

Since Kira VS Kira dropped last month, viewers have eagerly propelled it to the #1 VOD rankings on both Adult Empire and GameLink. It’s easy to see why; fans connected to the unique storyline, scorching all-anal scenes, and Kira Noir’s dual amiable personality and sexual power.

After Kira secured her long-overdue 2023 AVN Female Performer Of The Year win, it’s worth it to look back on the chatter about her incredible showcase performance.

Elegant Angel Select Presents ‘Kira VS Kira’ by The Authentic Lesbian

“The moment I first saw Kira Noir I was hooked. I fell in love with her locs first and I wanted to find out everything I could about her. I watched her scenes as soon as they dropped and made sure to keep up with her career. Fast forward 8 years and she’s on top of the game starring in the sexiest scenes with all the high rollers and working for the major studios. I know there’s still a ton of accomplishments in her future and I couldn’t be happier ending my year with a ‘Kira Vs. Kira’ wrap up.” Read more.

‘Kira VS Kira’ Spotlight Is Peak Kira Noir by Dallas

“All Kira? All anal?

We’re all in.

On one hand, Kira Noir is amiability personified. Her relaxed demeanor is evident in podcasts like High and Horny, where she is the chill companion we’d all love to have as our BFF. On the other hand, she is a voracious sex beast, the sort of bedroom creature who might consume you whole. But hey, what a way to go, right? These two sides are the yin and the yang that make Noir exactly the superstar she is.” Read more.

KIRA VS KIRA – New Kira Noir Porn! by Die Screaming

“On the cover of ‘Kira VS Kira’, Kira Noir looks every bit the XXX-rated superhero. That’s fitting because she might legit have superhuman powers. In addition to having just won the highly-coveted AVN Female Performer of the Year trophy, her new showcase film – this one – is currently sitting at number one on the Die-Screaming Best Selling Porn chart. That, my creepy Internet friends, is some superhero level shit right there.” Read more.

‘AE PULSE 1/16: ‘Kira VS Kira’ Hits #1 VOD’ by Chase

“On Adult Empire we have been spotlighting a new Elegant Angel film with Kira Noir called Kira VS Kira which has taken off and hit the number one VOD ranking for this issue of the Pulse. Kira herself also took home the 2023 AVN award for Female Performer of the Year which I am sure contributed to the new ranking.” Read more.

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