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Pornstar Interview With Barbie Feels

Barbie Feels Elegant Angel Interview

This week on Elegant we’re celebrating Mother’s Day Week with scenes, sales, and of course, MILFs! New UK performer Barbie Feels will be making her EA debut in Mother’s Day Indulgence, where she plays a sultry hotwife getting extra pampered by her hubby. We were so blown away by her performance that we knew we had to get to know more about this smart, sexy Brit. Read this interview with Barbie Feels!

Elegant Angel: Introduce yourself! Who is Barbie Feels? 

Barbie Feels: Hi, I’m Barbie! I’m obsessed with anything pink, sparkly, and pretty so I’m a real girly girl.

I’m very bright, bubbly, friendly, kind, and polite, and love laughing and having fun. Treating everyone with respect, empathy, and good manners is important to me and I love making people happy.

I grew up in the English countryside and went to an all-girls boarding school – I am a classic posh girl gone bad! Since my upbringing was conservative and repressive, I decided to live my life on my own terms in the way that I want, where I can enjoy feeling pretty and sexually empowered.

How did you get your start in the adult industry?

I had been working in Tech for the last 11 years and started my OnlyFans approximately 2 years ago. Around that time Ken [Barbie’s partner and fellow performer] and I started training to become Sex Coaches and we began creating Educational Porn for our Sex Positivity platform. Since Ken and I have always been non-monogamous and comfortable in front of the camera, we figured why not do it professionally!

What has the reaction been from people who knew you before your career change?

I’ve had a few friends turn their backs on me which hurts, but I’m grateful it’s helped me distinguish who my true friends are. I’ve mostly received so much love and support, especially from my family which has been beautiful to see. I feel truly lucky to be fully open with them about my new career.

Barbie Feels for Elegant Angel

Is there anything about working in adult that has surprised you?

How friendly the ladies are! I’ve interacted with a lot of bitchy, competitive women in my personal life and various tech companies I’ve worked at, so I’m thrilled to be in an industry where women uplift one another and cheer each other on for their slutty successes!

What are your adult career goals?

To cause as many orgasms as possible for my costars and the people watching! Our longer-term goal is to create accessible Pleasure-based educational porn to help people have better sex lives.

Are there any other performers that you’re dying to work with one day?

I want to work with as many people as possible! Variety is the spice of life, and that’s the best part about being non-monogamous.

How do you prepare for a scene and get in the mindset of performing?

I try to meditate or do a mindful practice before a scene so I feel connected to my body, and sometimes I recite empowering affirmations so I’m showing up with confidence. I also play music that makes me feel sexy to get me in the mood!

Barbie Feels and Danny Mountain in Mother's Day Indulgence for Elegant Angel

Tell me about your day on set filming Mother’s Day Indulgence with Danny Mountain and Sid Knox! Are there any special moments that stand out to you?

I had such a great time on set! Sid is incredibly friendly, focused, and professional which made for a wonderful environment. Danny is the only Brit I’ve shot with so far and we had the best time chatting and bantering (I miss the British sense of humor)! We also have a ton in common from back home so it was wonderful taking a trip down memory lane together.

The most special moment was when I unexpectedly squirted a TON and accidentally got some on Sid’s camera. Sorry Sid! (but you can blame Danny haha)

Footnote: SQUIRTING ISN’T PEE. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this argument on set…

How do you like to indulge yourself?

I LOVE buying myself luxurious candles and perfume. I’m obsessed with smelling good and I prefer musky/masculine scents. At home, I indulge in candlelit bubble baths before I moisturize my whole body and douse myself in perfume before I self-pleasure. I treat myself.

Your partner Ken Feels is also an adult performer, and you’re both open about having a non-monogamous relationship. Have you two ever tried a hotwifing scenario like the one in Mother’s Day Indulgence

Not like that specific scenario, but we’re both very supportive of each other’s desires outside of the relationship and he genuinely wants me to have a good time with other partners whether he’s there or not. We actually both get turned on seeing each other have sex with other people. He’s also the one who encouraged me to try being with women and insisted I try that on my own first so it wasn’t about him or us, but about me and discovering my bisexuality (surprise, I like girls haha).

How do you and Ken like to romance each other? 

Hard and often! Seriously though, we’re very loving and playful with each other and laugh a lot and show a lot of physical and verbal affection aside from our active and wild sex life.

Barbie Feels for Elegant Angel

You and Ken are also sex educators; what’s the #1 piece of advice that you give to other couples? 

Treat your partner with the same effort and excitement as you did in the beginning. You can’t let that spark and enthusiasm and passion die down and become just roommates or co-parents. You have to prioritize each other with affection and sexiness. Make them feel desired. Foreplay always. Be flirtatious. Keep sexploring.

What do you think is the healthiest way for couples to incorporate porn into their sex lives? 

Use it as foreplay to get aroused, masturbate to it together to see your partner get turned on and how they pleasure themselves, and use it to explore different positions, kinks, etc. that you two might like to try or do more of. Also, too many people are intimidated or get insecure around porn and their partner just like they do with sex toys, but in the same vein, it’s an addition to your sex life, not a competition.

Who is better in bed: British men or American men?

American! Confidence is key to being a good sexual partner and in general Americans definitely beat Brits in that department… Mr. Mountain might be the exception there though!

Your body is amazing! What’s your workout routine?

Aww, thank you!! Working out is really important to me, mostly for my mental health and sweating out stress more than anything. I also like keeping active because I don’t feel my best self if I’m slow or sluggish. I try to work out 5x a week and like to mix up strength training with barre classes. I’m Vegetarian and Gluten Free which helps me stay lean and avoid getting bloated. I love my daily dose of dark chocolate though.

You also love to dance; what music is on your dance playlist?

If I’m dancing at home it’s anything that makes me feel sexy! Sometimes that’s slower R&B, other times it’s flirty/slutty pop! Lately, I’ve been listening to Abra, Tinashe, Kaytranada, Tove Lo, FKA Twigs, Kim Petras, and The Weeknd. If I’m going out to a club I want to dance to Disco or EDM!

Barbie Feels for Elegant Angel

You’re a proud Aries; what aspects of your sign do you think are very accurate for you? Are there any traits that you think don’t apply to you?

I am definitely fiery, passionate, impatient, and competitive. It’s in my eighth house which means I distinguish myself from others through darkness, taboos, rebirth, sex, and transformation – very accurate! I wouldn’t say I’m domineering or an initiator, though.

What makes you feel sexy?

Dressing up in new lingerie and a rich, musky scent. Dancing naked around my apartment. Having my waist grabbed.

Any final words for your fans at Elegant Angel?

Thank you so much for watching my scene and supporting me! I’m truly grateful. I hope to cause you many orgasms for many years to cum!

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Mother’s Day Indulgence will be available to watch on Wednesday May 10.

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