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Home » Aiden Ashley – The Lesbian Performer Of The Year Interview

Aiden Ashley – The Lesbian Performer Of The Year Interview

Aiden Ashley Lesbian Performer Of The Year Interview

As one of the premier lesbian models in the biz, Aiden Ashley knows exactly what kind of porn star she is. The XBIZ winner delivers expert performances for the Lesbian Performers Of The Year series year after year after year, and 2023 was no exception. In this candid interview, Aiden dishes on what sets her apart from the pack, her new scene with Charlotte Sins, and her long history with Elegant Angel.

Congratulations on winning the 2023 XBIZ Award for Girl/Girl Performer of the Year. How does it feel to be recognized for your work in the industry?

It feels absolutely amazing, especially with an award for something that I started out as in the industry. I was a girl-girl-only performer for the first two-thirds of my career. My first love was the ladies in the industry, and it feels really, really good to finally get to the pinnacle award for that and be recognized for something that I started out as when I was 19 years old and first started performing.

Obviously, competition is always very, very tough. What do you think set your performances apart this year and led to your win?

Honestly, I have as real an effect as possible. I try not to make it to quote-unquote “corny” and I try not to do anything besides having a connection with my fellow performer. I get a vibe for what feels good for her body. I definitely am more of an organic performer than a performer who does paint by numbers. All of my scenes are pretty different, and they’re very, very passionate. I think that resonates especially well in the Girl/Girl category, because I am all about making my partner feel good. I know if I can make her come, it’s gonna be a good scene.

Aiden Ashley Interview

What do you do to find out what makes your partner tick and build that chemistry before a scene?

There’s a certain science to it. There are definitely girls who prefer softer, gentle loving and to be caressed, and some that like me to go a little bit harder, and be a little bit crazier and get that sweat worked up.

By this time in the industry, I pretty much know people’s shooting styles, and I tailor my performance to what they prefer and what they like. But usually, about halfway through the scene, it all goes out the door. By then we’re just so involved, we kind of forget that the cameras are there. I obviously try to make it so that the fans can see, and I open up to the camera. But I try not to overdo it so much that it takes away from what we’re feeling in our chemistry because chemistry reads so heavily on camera. If you don’t have that chemistry, no matter how good of a performer you are, it’s not going to translate as a good scene. It’s going to translate as very robotic.

Yeah, girl/girl fans are intense. They really can tell if it’s real or not. It’s crazy, they have like such a good sense for that.

Yeah, they have an eye for it. I definitely do a lot of kissing and foreplay. Just like in real life, I’m not just going to get a girl back to my room and then just start banging her with every single sex toy I have in my closet. It’s gonna be a build-up to that, and I really believe in the build-up a lot. I think that that’s where I get a better idea of how their body responds, and what positions are best so the viewer can see, but also so that it still feels good. If we’re in this crazy position that looks cool, but we’re both shaking because we’re trying to hold it, neither one of us is actually going to get off.

I definitely try to make sure that, especially in the first position, that I can actually get her off. Then once you get someone off, it gets a little wilder, because then their bodies are opened up, they’re wet, they’re juicy, a little sweat’s going, and then you can bend into cooler positions from there.

Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Sins in Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2023 by Elegant Angel

There’s a lot of work that goes into winning these awards. Can you share some of the challenges that you faced in your career and how you’ve overcome them?

I’ve been in the industry for about 13 years, so there’s been a lot of challenges. I mean, the industry has completely changed since I started. It was based on studio work before, and now it’s very much based around content. So there’s been a lot of changes in the industry since I’ve got in it, and some of those I’m still trying to overcome.

Let’s talk about your scene with Charlotte Sins in Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2023. Right after you filmed, you posted on Instagram, and you were gushing about how great the scene was, we got really, really excited about it. Can you share a little bit about what viewers can expect to see in this scene?

Charlotte and I do amazing scenes together because our sexual chemistry is very compatible. We’re both very passionate and high-intensity performers, so with Charlotte, I don’t have to hold back at all with her. She likes to get messy, she likes the sweat, and she likes a harder performance. She and I are able to really, really go all out on it and challenge each other’s sexuality. We get into some pretty crazy positions. We definitely make it a lot wetter and a lot more sweaty and hot.

We both kind of perform very dominantly, and usually that’s kind of a clash when you have two dominant performers together. But for some reason, her and I work very well with both of our dominance together. So sometimes I’m holding her down and just going at it, and then she flips the script on me. Then she’s on top holding me down, and it’s a really good power play between her and I. There’s not a specific submissive or specific Dom, it’s more of a very, very high intensity lesbian scene.

Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Sins in Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2023 by Elegant Angel

Are there any special moments on set from that day that stand out to you?

We both were looking the hottest of our career at that point. We both came out of the dressing room, and were like, Holy shit, you look so hot today! And we both were just really on it that day. I was not expecting so much squirt to happen, but we made a complete mess of the entire house. We were giggling and laughing the whole time.

And then that’s what I was getting at, the power play. With Charlotte and I, we try to one up each other every time. It works because of our dominant personalities. I’ll be doing something in the scene, and she’ll be like, Oh, fuck that, look at this trick. And then she’ll do something cooler! And then I’ll be like, Well check out what I can do! and flip her into a really flexible position, and it flows really well.

What you most drawn to about Charlotte?

She’s super, super hot. Her personality and her sexual energy. She has a very, very high intensity sexual energy like I do.

How do you keep things fresh with a model that you’ve co-starred with several times over the years?

Every single day is different; different outfits in different locations, a different vibe, and people have different moods every day. So there’s never two sex scenes that are the same; even when we’re working with the same co-stars over and over again, there’s always something that will change up in it. Like I said, I go off vibes and energy, so  it translates to a different scene, because I don’t play by numbers. I just go with the flow a lot.

Charlotte Sins and Aiden Ashley in Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2023 by Elegant Angel

What initially attracted you to the adult industry?

Making money.

Good answer!

Yeah, I mean, I was 19 years old and needed money, so that’s what happened.

Have your motivations and goals evolved over time?

I’m still pretty much about making money. I know why I do my job.

I mean, let’s be serious, I’m not curing cancer here. I’m trying to make money and provide entertainment for some people. I try to shoot scenes that are couples friendly and aren’t too extreme so that they’re very, very palatable for the normal consumer. It’s not necessarily for the person that’s watching every single scene every single time. I’m trying to make a very palatable catalogue of myself for the average consumer; the person that wants to watch one or two scenes a week with their wife, or they’re horny on a Tuesday night and they want to watch it.

Someone who’s analyzing every single scene and knows the name of every single actress in the industry, those people always try to push you to do a lot more than you’re comfortable with. They’re always, When are you going to do a gangbang? When are you going to do anal? Be happy with what I provide for you and what I feel comfortable doing. And what I feel the most comfortable doing is girl/girl work.

Aiden Ashley Interview

Outside of your career, what are some passions and hobbies that fans might be surprised to learn about?

I am a huge fan of outdoor activities; snowboarding, kayaking, hiking. I love to go to music festivals and concerts. I love reading, writing. That kind of thing. Definitely an outdoorsy girl. I spend most of my time doing outdoor activities when I’m not on set. I try to get break from being in front of a computer or on my phone for too long, because real life is not lived like that. Having more experiences in life is where I am a find my uniqueness.

What are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading a poetry book by Lord Byron. It’s like a collection of his old school poetry. I’m rereading that because it’s one of my favorites.

What do you think makes for a great porn star? 

Being true to yourself, and being true to your own sexuality. Doing what you’re particularly good at and not letting super overbearing fans try to make you feel like you need to do something that you don’t need to do. For me, girl/girl work is where it’s at. I have done boy/girl the past few years, but when I get a call sheet and it’s a girl/girl scene I get to go to set really happy. I’m excited to see the girl’s face and I’m excited to be behind the scenes with her and laugh and giggle.

I feel like when people aren’t true to themselves and doing what they think people want to see, like more extreme acts or overworking themselves, that’s when burnout happens. Burnout is very, very, very obvious when you’re on set, because you don’t get that passion in your scenes. You don’t get that spark.

So really, I think what makes a good porn star is staying true to yourself, even though there’s a lot of people trying to influence you to do more than you’re comfortable with doing. If you love anal and you’re an anal queen, then that’s your shtick. And some anal queens I know cheat doing girl/girl because they don’t like licking pussy, and that’s totally fine. So I feel like if you’re true to yourself and stick to what you want to do, then that’s what really makes you excel.

What makes you feel sexy?

I like getting dressed up like having a cute outfit on. Music is huge thing; I have playlists that I listen to before each scene. They’re different depending what kind of scene, like if like it’s more of a darker scene I’ll put a darker dance vibe on. If it’s a bubbly scene, like we’re girlfriends and we’re hanging out, then I put on some bubbly stuff while I’m in the makeup chair. Music definitely definitely helps me make my vibe correct for the day.

Aiden Ashley Interview

Any final words for your fans at Elegant Angel?

I love you guys, and I really, really enjoyed being in Lesbian Performers Of The Year. Every single year, you guys pair me with an amazing talent that I love and that I’m usually friends with off set. It’s just a really, really good time shooting for Elegant because I get to work with girls that I super enjoy working with and they always love girls also. That’s not always the case, you sometimes have to warm them up a little bit more because they’re more into guys than girls, and that’s just what their agent booked them for that day.

But with Lesbian Performers Of The Year, I know I’m always getting someone who’s super down, and it’s really a great time.

Elegant also was the company that I shot for when I got nominated for my very first AVN award ever in the industry. It was my second scene ever. It was a solo scene, called All By Myself and it was the second thing I ever shot. And it was nominated! So Elegant Angel definitely holds a special place in my heart and in my career, because they set me up from the my second scene that I ever shot in my entire career when I was 19.

Aw, that makes me happy to hear!

It was really special. It was crazy! When that came out, I was 19, I’d shot maybe three scenes before nominations came out. I thought, I’m definitely not in any of these. And then I that got nominated for Best Solo with legends! I remember looking at the list, and it was Joanna Angel, Asa Akira, Belladonna, and I thought, Holy shit! These girls are porn stars, and I’m just some random 19 year old that needed some money, this is crazy. Flash forward 13 years later, and I’m still shooting for Elegant, and now I’m in Lesbian Performers Of The Year. So I’m really happy about that.

The scene with Charlotte is really good, and could probably even be nominated this year for Best Girl/Girl scene. Honestly, on or off the record, it was one of my best scenes that I shot this year.

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