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Elegant Angel Serves Up “Thanksgiving Dessert”

Elegant Angel's "Thanksgiving Dessert" starring Millie Morgan, Nicole Kitt, and Charles Dera

Tomorrow, Elegant Angel and director Sid Knox are serving up Thanksgiving Dessert, a new threesome scene starring Nicole Kitt, Millie Morgan, and Charles Dera. The tempting vignette follows new neighbor Nicole as she joins her married friends Millie and Charles for a frisky feast and more!

“This scene was my first holiday special release, so it’ll forever be a traditional must watch every year!” wrote Nicole. “Filming with Charles again was a full circle moment, and the chemistry all three of us had on camera really shined through.” You could tell we were having a damn good time filming this steamy take and weren’t shy about getting our fill or getting stuffed if you catch my drift…*wink*


“I love seducing beautiful women, so this scene with Nicole and Charles was a perfect fit for me!!” added Millie. “Nicole is so delicious, and feasting on her with Charles was an absolute dream come true. Bring your appetite to watch this scene!!”

Nicole concluded, “I’ve fantasized about having a threesome with my attractive neighbors before and almost found myself in this exact situation. That made this scene even better for me. Anyway, it’s a MUST watch so gather around the table and come take a bite!”

Black Friday Savings

Elegant Angel will continue our tasty week of releases on 11/24 with Package Delivered, a Black Friday-themed scene starring Jane Wilde and Zac Wild, directed by Sid Knox. 

Black Friday sales are kicking off early on EA, with 35% off VODs and scenes from 11/22-11/26. Elegant will up the ante with our Cyber Monday sale, featuring 40% off VODs and scenes from 11/27-11/29. DVDs will be 30% off and sex toys will also be 15% for the entire period.

Elegant Angel’s Thanksgiving Dessert will drop on Wednesday. 

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