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Ny Ny Lew – The Interview

Ny Ny Lew Interview for Elegant Angel

Ny Ny Lew is a star on the rise here in porn world. Known for her big booty, insane squirting ability, and fun, silly personality, she’s become a favorite of Elegant Angel director LT. Ny Ny Lew sat down with an interview with Elegant Angel, where we discussed her success over the past year, as well as how she came to be a squirter and what to eat to have the best tasting cum.

Who is the fabulous Ny Ny Lew?

I’m a single mom and I’m really happy to be here. I’m very humble and I like doing what I do. I like to perform and I try to be a natural person.

Your porn name is really unique! How did you come up with it?

I’ve actually always been “Ny.” My real name is hard to pronounce, so my name was “Ni” since I was a baby. I carried that throughout my entire life, because sometimes they say my name and they butcher it. Even when I changed my name to “Ni” they still was butchering it and  calling me me “Nini.” I thought maybe if I spell it with a “y” they will pronounce it right. And I’m still having the same trouble! And the “Lew” is basically my last name for short.

Yeah, I’ve always thought it was so interesting when performers choose a name that is very similar to their real name. Has that caused any issues for you?

No, not really. Sometimes I wish I’d had a different name, but because I’ve branded this name for so long, it’s best to keep it. I was doing artistic nudes, modeling, and was stripper. So I’ll just keep my fans and convert it over. That’s how I stuck with that name and it worked out, but sometimes I’ll be thinking like that is such a weird name!

Nobody’s duplicating it either! Because it’s just so odd right? I like to do the odd stuff, you know.

Ny Ny Lew in an amateur scene directed by LT for Elegant Angel

You’ve had a really big year on Elegant Angel! How have you grown as a performer over the past year?

I just want to say I just appreciate Elegant Angel very much. I love working with LT! I just love everything about Elegant Angel; the quality, the makeup artists, I feel uncomfortable on set. So I really, really appreciate that first and foremost.

And I feel like I grown because of Elegant Angel. Other companies probably wasn’t really taking me seriously until I started shooting with Elegant. You know, sometimes it takes a while for people to come around.

And I think I’ve grown from putting myself out there as a content creator. I noticed that companies will take what I’ve done for my content and put it in the script and book me for it. I found that really interesting. I thought, Is this a coincidence, or they’re doing that because they saw me? It’s pretty cool, because that lets me know that people were actually really looking at me, and I’m heading in the right direction. It means my crazy, creative ideas are good enough. I’m gonna continue to work hard and upgrade when it comes to equipment,  and just keep going forward until I see the end.

You were nominated for Most Popular Female Content Creator at the Urban X Awards this year! Congratulations! What do you think made your content stand out to earn this nomination?

I wish I knew! I’m gonna say it was squirting on birthday candles.

Yeah, my squirting in general, because it is pretty crazy. And I didn’t know that I was capable of squirting like that! When I learned how to squirt I thought, Cool, but then it just started getting crazier.

And there were a few other videos that I did with my partner Musa Phoenix. We create a lot of great stuff together. He trusts my creativity and my wackiness. We’ll put it out there, and we’re like, Wow! They liked my goofiness. I like to have a little comedy with it, because I am very silly. I can get my personality and my laughs out there and produce something sexy that people can still get turned on to. You’re gonna laugh, and you’re gonna feel aroused, and then you’re gonna finish.

Ny Ny Lew in "Black Squirt 4" by Elegant Angel

Let’s talk about squirting a little bit more. In your Black Squirt 4 scene with Prince, you Tweeted that one of your squirts ricocheted off the ceiling, and onto a camera guy. What can you tell me about that day on set?

Oh, yeah, that’s funny, because you never know! My squirt is so unpredictable! I never know where it’s gonna land. I’m starting to get used to that. It can go up, it could go this way, it can go that way. That was probably the first squirt that I let out that day, so that’s always the biggest one. It just went up there and bounced off the fixture and fell on the cameraman and he didn’t even flinch. He was like, I’m used to it. I always give people a fair warning, because it can get really ridiculous with me sometimes.

And it landed on my face! I like to wear my hair straight, but sometimes my squirt lands in my hair, and then it’s not straight anymore! It starts waving, and now I’m looking crazy for the rest of the scene.

How did you discover that you could squirt?

I learned when I first started doing content creation. I was in a monogamous relationship at the time, and I bought this new toy that pulsated. It was black and had a suction cup. So I suction cupped it into my tub and I had a GoPro. And it was going and all of a sudden fluid starts shooting out on my vagina. And I stopped and looked and thought I’d peed.

My boyfriend at the time was controlling the GoPro and watching outside of the bathroom. I came out and I said Did you see that? After that I just been using that toy and then that’s when I discovered why it was making me squirt. It was hitting that certain part that I’ve been trying to hit all these times. That toy taught me how to do it. I got it down.

Ny Ny Lew in "Big Black Wet Asses 17" by Elegant Angel

There’s always this debate about is squirt pee or is it something else? What’s your take on it?

I think squirt has pee in it. I prepare; I will make sure I’m hydrated, because when you’re filming you have to squirt on command multiple times, and you can get really dehydrated. I feel like squirt has pee in it because it comes out the urinary tract. So I like to clear up my urinary tract and keep myself hydrated. I do try to drink about half a gallon of water a day, and I’m always thirsty anyway.

So it’s a little bit of a mixture; it has a little bit of fluid and pee in it. That’s what it says on Google and different YouTubers that talk about sex education, they all say the same thing. But it’s not 100%, it’s super diluted pee to the point that you can’t even tell. That’s why I feel like it’s very important to hydrate yourself, and just watch what you eat.

I love garlic. I love it! Oh my gosh, it just makes everything taste better, it brings the food to life. But if I consume too much I will smell like it down there.

What do you think of pineapple juice? I’ve heard that before that pineapple juice makes pussies taste really good. Do you think there’s any merit to that?

I’m not sure; I haven’t experienced that. Someone told me, since I’m a squirter, to eat peaches. I’ve never tried it, because I’m very picky on peaches. They have to be really sweet. I love mangoes more than anything. Pineapples is very acidic, so when you squirt on someone’s face, they can burn their eyes. But I think peaches would be better. I haven’t tried either one of them. Also tropical smoothies. They have certain smoothies that a guy can actually drink and his semen will tastes good.

And sweet peas! I know this because I’ve done this with my partner. I cooked salmon and sweet peas and rice, and then we had sex later that night. I’m not trying to be weird.

We’re coming up with a whole menu right here!

Oh, my salmon is delicious. One of my little secrets is when it’s almost done cooking, I just put a little glaze of honey or agave over and eat that with the sweet peas and the rice. It works.

"Black Mommas 6" starring Ny Ny Lew

What’s it like working with LT ?

Oh yeah, he’s fun. I like older people. I’m not the youngest, but I’m not the oldest either, because I am 34. I consider myself very old school. So when I’m around older people and old school minded people, it puts me at ease. I like the way he cracks jokes. He’s just real and straight to the point. Some people may not like it, but I like it because he’s direct. He knows what he wants, and how it needs to be done. I have no problem with that. We get it done, we get paid, we outta here. I just appreciate him for  getting me booked in things that are interesting to me.

What qualities do you look for in a scene partner?

Someone who can read my body. That’s hard to do because I just disassociate sometimes while I’m shooting. It happens a lot, and I do have ADHD. Somebody has to read my mind and respect my boundaries. I’ve never really had anything traumatic happen on professional sets ever. That is a good thing, especially if he’s really large.

You know, I will say Isiah Maxwell was probably one of my favorite people to work with.  I don’t want to call him a unicorn or something, but he has a very large dick, and he read my body so well. He knew to put on some more lube, or to go less hard, because it was an anal scene. And people love that scene, to the point where other pages post it.

It’s kind of frustrating because I wish they could tag Elegant Angel. I’m starting to go in the comments and say, Hey, this is Elegant Angel, so tag them too. Because I want EA to know that people are hyping up this scene that me and Isaiah did, so they know that if they book us again, people are going to be happy and excited and they they’re gonna purchase it. I feel like that’s very important.

So like I said, reading bodies is important and respecting boundaries. That’s basically it.

"Black Mommas 6" starring Ny Ny Lew and Isiah Maxwell

Isiah is such a gentleman.

He’s wonderful. I don’t think anyone in the industry is like him. And that’s something I can stand on. It’s just that his energy and the way he carries himself. And he’s so funny. He’s definitely one of a kind.

You’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on productions. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

So I do want to eventually get more behind the camera, because I do like to shoot and write scripts and direct, so I feel like being a PA is probably a good start. I haven’t been a PA for a professional porn set. I’ve done it for music videos, and for other movie sets for this company that I pick up jobs from. They put you on payroll, and they send you the check, which is pretty cool.

Being a PA, you get to see a different type of production that’s not porn, but you’re still producing stuff at the end of the day. It’s just great experience, and I like doing that and I would like to do more of it. I wouldn’t mind being a sidekick to somebody like LT, until I work my way up. I would like to be a director, like a one stop shop. I don’t know if that’s possible. But if it is, I would like to create that lane, where I can bring the script, because I’m very creative. If you give me the budget to create something, I will do it. I can direct it, and I want to be able to shoot it and edit it. I enjoy creating the whole setup for the porn and the angles to get the point of view and everything. I just love it all.

Yeah, I would love to see that happen for you. Anytime a woman can become head of production or something in this industry is awesome.

I think last year, I can’t remember her name, but a woman won a direction award at one of the award shows. I looked at her on stage and thought, Okay, I guess it’s not too sexist after all. I don’t feel as intimidated.

Ny Ny Lew in "Black Squirt 4"

What are your goals for the next phase of your career?

I feel like I just need to put in a little bit more work. I want my name to ring a few more bells. I don’t feel like I’m where I need to be, so I just need to like focus more on my craft. I am my worst critic. So just trying to like get booked more, and have a better performance, and hopefully I can venture off into doing scripts and being a sidekick for somebody on set until I could work my way up to being a director.

You just got back from a trip to Costa Rica. Did you get into anything fun?

It was mostly work! It was an all-girls content creator group. I was the only porn star in that bunch. Everyone else was content creators, and we did a lot of girl-girl content. We were shooting between four to six scenes a day, whether they were solos, whatever Tik Toks we were going hard every day. We were in a a seven bedroom mansion in Costa Rica. It was beautiful.

It took forever to get there because it’s through the rainforest and all the way up in the hills. But it was great. We got a lot of great stuff and I cannot wait to put it out there and for people to see it. We went out twice to the beach, but was only short visits because we were so far out that we only had time to take pictures and videos and drive right back. Our last day was kind of the same thing. We went out to eat, walked around in the streets, just to see what’s going on.

It was a great group of girls. Everybody was motivated, hardworking, had good work ethics. We didn’t have to really worry too much about people fooling around, which I appreciate. And I was able to film this pajama orgy for Christmas that I cannot wait to release next month. It’s gonna be great.

What do you get up in your free time?

SLEEP, and I find a restaurant that’s on my list. I have a folder with a collection of places in Las Vegas, Henderson, Los Angeles, Arizona. Places that I want to go. I love food, so I’ll go eat or go visit a bar or whatever. I’ll just tell my friends Hey, we’re gonna go check this out and we’ll do that.

I’ll just rest and catch up and just don’t work. Don’t do anything because  I have so much work to do, like in in Costa Rica. I felt burned out and like I do not want to edit a goddamn thing even though I love to edit. So when I get my chance at sleep, I catch up on rest and go do something fun.

Ny Ny Lew in "Big Black Wet Asses 17" by Elegant Angel

What makes you feel sexy?

When I’m really all dolled up is what makes me feel sexy. I clean up nice. And whenever I get a fresh wax! I always say, You better get that bunny tail! That’s the part where it’s the crack at the top before where the butthole. You need to get all of that out; like I don’t want to credit card swipe and I feel a little fuzzy back there! I’m gonna be upset, like my vagina can have a bush, but that butthole need to be clean or I don’t feel sexy. When is hair back there it’s so irritating. It’s so weird.

Any final words for your fans at Elegant Angel?

Thank you Elegant Angel for everything! I’m always here when you need me. I will be here for you to play any role you want me to be. I have a great costume underneath my bed. I’ve been waiting.

And to the fans, if you post my stuff on Twitter, just make sure you tag Elegant! I want EA to see that y’all really liked the scenes that I do for them, because that helps me to get booked again. If you guys don’t tag it, I can retweet it all I want, but I don’t want to look like I’m co-signing that you guys are not giving the company their credit. I appreciate your support and your help to produce better content and strengthen my craft.

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