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Elegant Angel Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Venus Valencia

Venus Valencia stars in "Flowers and Chocolate" - a new Valentine's Day scene from Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel is set to celebrate the naughtier side of Valentine’s Day with a new scene featuring breakout star Venus Valencia. Directed by Sid Knox, Flowers and Chocolate tells the story of a husband who forgot to arrange a Valentine’s Day surprise for his hotwife. He calls in the big guns, and porn star stud Rob Piper arrives on Venus’s doorstep with flowers and a sexy surprise.

“The energy with Rob was powerful,” wrote Ms. Valencia. “He really led me through that scene and I learned more about my body and sexuality from it. Tried some new positions too!”

On her role as a hotwife, Venus added, “I feel the role is empowering, as it represents a woman who owns what she wants and her pleasure, who isn’t just trying to please her husband. I also find it beautiful that these couples exist and feel viewers should know that any form of love and marriage they desire, is possible.”

Elegant Angel will also be publishing an interview with Venus to our blog this Friday. She candidly discusses her new scene, as well as her journey to porn through her work as a spirituality teacher and author. 

“I’m very passionate about empowering others and guiding them to embrace and love all parts of themselves equally, especially their ‘shadows’: desires, fantasies, traumas. I hope this intention will shine through with my presence in the industry,” concluded Venus.

Flowers and Chocolate will be available to Elegant Angel members on Wednesday January 31.

Keep an eye out for Venus Valencia’s upcoming interview here.

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