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Venus Valencia – The Valentine’s Day Interview

Venus Valencia - The Valentine's Day Interview on the Elegant Angel blog

Venus Valencia is a newcomer to porn, but we already predict big things for this transcendental beauty. After leaving behind her home country of Canada, Venus traveled the world and immersed herself in spirituality, working to empower other women with her self-help and wellness teachings. Now she’s entered a new era of her career, diving head first into the art of on-camera sex. In this new interview, Venus discusses her journey to porn, romance, and her new Elegant Angel scene.

Introduce yourself! Who is Venus Valencia?

Venus Valencia is an aspect of myself who was birthed only four months ago, with the intention to spread love and empower others through art, beauty, and sexual expression. I’ve been a spirituality and self-help teacher and author for over a decade, recently transitioning into adult films publicly. I’m very passionate about empowering others and guiding them to embrace and love all parts of themselves equally, especially their “shadows”: desires, fantasies, traumas. I hope this intention will shine through with my presence in the industry. 

Rob Piper eats Venus Valencia's pussy in "Flowers and Chocolate" by Elegant Angel

Your Valentine’s Day scene with Rob Piper was pretty sexy! Do any memorable moments from that day on set stand out to you?

Thank you! Not one moment in particular, but the energy with Rob was powerful. He really led me through that scene and I learned more about my body and sexuality from it. Tried some new positions too! Those days are always the best. 😉 Rob and the crew were incredible and I hope to work with them more in the future! 

 You played a hotwife in this scene. Is that a fantasy that you enjoyed playing out on camera?

I love the role of the hotwife that I’ve played a few times now. I feel the role is empowering as it represents a woman who owns what she wants and her pleasure, who isn’t just trying to please her husband. I also find it beautiful that these couples exist and feel viewers should know that any form of love and marriage they desire, is possible. 

What was it like working with director Sid Knox?

Sid was lovely and a lot of fun to shoot with. During my short time in the industry I’ve noticed some directors are naturally great at making a woman feel sexy, confident and comfortable. He’s one of them, and I hope that energy will show in my scene. 

Venus Valencia stars in "Flowers and Chocolate" by Elegant Angel

Do you have any exciting Valentine’s Day plans this year?

I’ll be teaching a self love and sensuality class to my online community, and likely attending a tantric event for deep connection with others! But I’m also remaining open for the possibility of a sexy date arriving. 😉 

What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

What comes to mind is two men worshipping me while feeding me dark chocolates, massaging me and rubbing rose petals over my body between lovemaking. Something like that would be fabulous. 

Pick one: a bouquet of flowers, or a box of chocolates?

Both! I love all flowers and dark chocolates. I buy myself flowers every week so I always have them around me. 

Venus Valencia and Rob Piper in a Valentine's Day scene by Elegant Angel

What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you? What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else?

I haven’t had many romantic gestures done for me honestly, waiting for that special gentleman and won’t settle until I find him. 😉 I have rented an entire resort, had it filled it with hundreds of roses, had a private chef come for an incredible 5 course meal, then we made love in the pool under the moonlight. I love surprising my lovers whether it’s a big gesture or just cute little daily love notes. 

You’re pretty new to porno! What made you decide to join the industry?

There’s honestly many reasons, but to simplify… I was always told I have sex like a porn star by just about every man I’ve been with. Interestingly enough, I never watched a porn film before I was in one! I was an exotic dancer in my early 20’s and it was a very empowering experience for me. I was dating someone last year who suddenly passed away and it led me to take a step back from my career and reflect on my life. I realized I’d been playing small in ways and not being my fully expressed self due to what others think. The spiritual community put a lot of pressure on me to be and act a certain way. I’ve received a lot of judgment for my sexuality.

When he passed it really hit me that I could literally not exist tomorrow, so I might as well do what I want and live life on my own terms. So I booked a flight to LA to have sex on film! It excites me, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and makes me feel alive, and that’s the energy I want to live my life in. I’m also in my 30’s now and realized I’m not ready to “settle down” and do what’s expected of me at this age. This is only the beginning. I modeled when I was younger and was basically told I expired as a woman at 25, I love that the adult industry embraces all ages. 

Venus Valencia sucks cock for Elegant Angel

What are your goals for your adult career?

I honestly didn’t enter with goals in mind but more so just felt like it was an adventure I wanted to experience and share with my online community. Now I would love to begin directing my own films and share sex as art, with an emphasis on the feminine perspective and the woman truly enjoying herself. I think the industry and humanity in general is ready for a shift in our relationship to sex and expression; I would love to play even just a small part in that. I would like viewers to feel uplifted and expansive after viewing my art. I believe porn can be healing and empowering when approached and shared with that intention. 

Are there any other performers or creators who inspire you?

I love Erika Lust films and all that she has created. Cherie Deville has been an inspiration and all of the work that she does. I’m also really inspired by many couples who are creating magic on film together. 

How did you choose your porn name?

Venus is the Goddess of sex and love. I study and work with Goddess archetypes as aspects to discover and awaken within ourselves. I’m also very Libra (4 planets in Libra for those who know) and it’s the sign in Venus (planet of love and beauty). I have a lot of venusian energy! My agent said I should have a last name so I chose the name of the city I like exploring in my favorite video game Assassin’s Creed; Valencia. 

Venus Valencia for Elegant Angel

Tell me about your business! What work are you doing to empower other women?

Over the past 14 years I’ve been traveling the world full time with the intention to empower others while being a student myself at the same time. I write books, have an app and membership site with hundreds of empowerment videos and practices for women, I host retreats and events, and love bringing women together in sacred sisterhood. I’m now incorporating sexual empowerment and healing into my offerings, and currently working on a new section for sex workers in my membership site. This includes workshops, resources, mini courses, and interviews. 

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you give to women?

Remember that you choose how you show up in the world and you choose your own path. Do not settle for a life that isn’t fully your own, and do not settle for less than what you dream of. Within you, you know exactly what is meant for you. Don’t allow others’ opinions or expectations to influence your unique path. Forge it wholeheartedly and unapologetically. If it gets hard, prioritize community and sisterhood, whether it’s online or in person. 

Venus Valencia and Rob Piper for Elegant Angel

In what ways does your performance style reflect your teachings?

I try my best to be present with my costar(s) and really appreciate the connection we have together. My sexual performance currently is very close to how I regularly have sex; I’m not sure if I’m going to get in my head and change that. The practices I teach include a lot of deep connection exercises with your partner; I plan on sharing those on my OnlyFans and films I direct. I didn’t know what to expect when I started and I do wish mainstream porn allowed space to be more intimate and create a deeper connection with your costar. In tantra our partner is an embodiment of the Divine, I keep that in mind during most of my scenes and I’m curious to see if that energy is felt by viewers. I believe sex should always be viewed as sacred however it is expressed, on or off camera.  

You’ve traveled to 67 countries! That’s so impressive! What was your favorite destination and why?

I have so many, but I deeply love Australia. I feel like I was meant to be born there and there’s a good chance I’ll settle down there one day. The people, communities, forests, beaches, animals, energy of the lands… it all resonates with my own energy. I’m originally from Canada and I never felt that growing up there. (I don’t love the cold!) I also love Asia and India; these ancient cultures have so much to teach and offer us, and I believe they should be honored and celebrated. 

What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve taken from your travels?

Because I’ve traveled so much alone I feel I’ve learned the importance of self trust; following your instincts and intuition above what others say. I see a lot of people stressing during travels because they can’t control situations around them, like flight delays, weather conditions, cancellations, hotel mistakes, etc. It’s important to understand that in travel, and in life, we can only control our internal state and that’s the most important thing. Bumps in the road and challenges are always going to appear, so we might as well just release control and enjoy it all. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hiking and spending time in nature with my chiweenie dog Priya, reading, writing, I’m currently finishing my next two books which takes up a lot of my time. I go to spiritual gatherings like drum circles, meditations, yoga, ecstatic dance, plant ceremonies etc. And of course traveling, but that’s slowed down quite a bit since I got a dog.  

Venus Valencia for Elegant Angel

What makes you feel sexy?

Indulging in sensual pleasures; going back to nature and remembering that my body and sexuality is natural and sacred, worthy of the utmost care, celebration and free expression.

I love running through nature naked or laying in the sun nude by natural water. Having a Goddess bath with rose petals, chocolates, herbal tea, yummy music, candles, essential oils, and incense followed by sensual dance in the mirror and self massage… that’s my go to. 😉 

Any final words?

i just want to say thank you for welcoming me on and having a beautiful scene with me. everyone was amazing. I hope the viewers enjoy it and it can add a little spice and pleasure to their Valentine’s month. 

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