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Flashback Friday – The “Squirtwoman” Series

"Flashback Friday - Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel - Featuring Cytherea, Bonnie Rotten, Kleio Valentien, and Jada Fire

Elegant Angel’s Squirtwoman series brought female ejaculation to the forefront of porno consciousness. The elusive act wasn’t always popular, yet the four women lucky to be crowned Squirtwoman took matters into their own hands and made it so. Premiering in 2004, this series proved that squirters are porn super stars.

Cytherea iz Squirtwoman

Boxcover of 2004's "Cytherea iz Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel

Way back in 2004, female ejaculation was still largely unknown by the public, let alone a popular fantasy. That all changed when Cytherea hit the scene. Named after the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and music, she was a charming young brunette with an athletic build and a fresh face.

Oh, and she could squirt massive waves of girl cum.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Cytherea credits herself with flipping “the industry from the anal craze to the squirting craze.” She built a massive fanbase in her short career due to her impressive orgasms that brought a sense of authenticity to her performances.

It was a no brainer that Cytherea would be the first Squirtwoman. Her showcase Cytherea iz Squirtwoman opened with a sign of the times: scrolling text with an in-depth, almost medical explanation of female ejaculation. It’s not often that porn asks its viewers to read, but the public truly did need to know that squirting was not only normal, but something to be embraced.

The movie itself is chock full of BBG threesomes. Studs fuck Cytherea, prompting her to soak her female costars with girl cum. Cytherea iz Squirtwoman spawned two sequels, helped land Cytherea her AVN Best New Starlet win in 2005, and was named one of AVN’s Top 500 Adult Movies of All Time.

There’s no doubt that Cytherea iz Squirtwoman changed the adult film landscape forever.

Jada Fire is Squirtwoman

Boxcover for "Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel

When Jada Fire was crowned the new Squirtwoman is 2006, the world wasn’t prepared. This curvy goddess brought an attitude and confidence in her abilities that was fully backed up by her tsunamis of girl-cum. Jada Fire is Squirtwoman is a wild gonzo ride punctuated by Jada’s screaming orgasms. She’s an absolutely top tier performer who runs her scenes, leaving her co-stars both exhausted and enamored.

Jada molded the role in her own image, and her showcase absolutely deserved its three sequels. As the longest reigning Squirtwoman in history, Jada cemented her storied legacy; not just as one of the greatest squirters in history, but one of the greatest ever porn stars. Period!

Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman

Boxcover for "Bonnie Rotten Is Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel

Hot off her 2014 AVN win for Female Performer of the Year, punk rock icon Bonnie Rotten took up the title of Squirtwoman. The slick showcase featured all the kinky gonzo madness that we’d come to expect from Bonnie, not to mention her very first double-anal scene.

The scenes open with sexy voiceovers of Bonnie discussing her squirting fantasies, and how how massive her g-spot orgasms are. She drenches her co-stars time and time again, and is clearly enjoys each squirting orgasm more than the last. Bonnie Rotten is absolutely the greatest squirt queen of the 2010’s.

Kleio Valentien in Squirtwoman: Wasteland

Boxcover of "Squirtwoman: Wasteland" starring Kleio Valentien by Elegant Angel and Dreadneck

In 2018, Kleio Valentien and director Dreadneck brought a fresh take to the Squirtwoman series with Squirtwoman: Wasteland. This post-apocyltyptic feature follows Kleio as she traverses a nuclear wasteland, fighting to survive and fucking her way out of slippery situations. The beautifully shot, grungy setting puts Kleio right in her element as she hydrates a barren desert full of horny villains eager to get a taste of her juice. It’s a zany premise that works perfectly with the Squirtwoman brand while still elevating it for a sophisticated audience.

Kleio even performed her first DP for, while showing off her solid acting chops and squirting with some of the best performers of the time. There’s no other Squirtwoman like Kleio Valentien, and she gets her flowers for delving headfirst into the role and bringing her unique flavor to the action.

It’s been 5 years since a Squirtwoman reigned supreme. Who do you think will be the next to wear the crown?

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4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – The “Squirtwoman” Series”

  1. Female ejaculation, AKA squirting is something I find to be such an beautiful and erotic display of women sexual pleasure. Thank you Elegant Angel, for contributing with the “Squirtwoman” series to inform Society of one of the incredible ways that the female body expresses orgasm and pleasure. Elegant Angel I’m eager to see who you will next crown with the coveted title of “Squirtwoman”.

  2. It was a very interesting read. I don’t think there’s anything quite as extreme and intense as the Squirtwoman series. That’s why you need a lot of stamina and intense Concupiscence. There’s a female actor who does that very well. That would be Gia Derza. I recommend Gia Derza for the role of Squirtwoman.

    and, I’d love to see a post on the Buttwoman series.

  3. It was a very interesting read. I don’t think there’s anything quite as extreme and intense as the Squirtwoman series. That’s why you need a lot of stamina and intense Concupiscence. There’s a female actor who does that very well. That would be Gia Derza. I recommend Gia Derza for the role of Squirtwoman.

    and, I’d love to see a post on the Buttwoman series.

  4. What me and others would REALLY ACTUALLY like to see from this studio: Elegant Angel
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