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5 Cassie Del Isla Scenes

5 Cassie Del Isla scenes on the Elegant Angel Blog

Since debuting on Elegant Angel in late 2022, Cassie Del Isla has become a staple performer here. This sophisticated French-Creole beauty from the island of Réunion off the coast of Madagascar brings a touch of class to every performance, no matter how raunchy! She’s become such a favorite that she was the third most-watched performer on EA in 2023. Today we’ll take a look at Cassie’s Elegant catalog of scenes.

Hard Bodies 4

Cassie Del Isla in Elegant Angel's "Hard Bodies 4"

Cassie worked up a sweat for Hard Bodies 4, where she flexed her toned tush in tight spandex shorts. After a warm up with sparring partner Charles Dera, they decided to really heat things up. It’s clear that Charles knows to treat Cassie like a lady, taking the time to admire all the hard work she puts into her figure. This pairing was a match made in heaven, and Cassie put Charles through his paces and gave us our first taste of all that Cassie has to offer.

It’s A Mommy Thing! 13

Zac Wild fucks his step-mom Cassie Del Isla for Elegant Angel

In Cassie Del Isla’s second EA scene, we got to explore her MILFier side. As Zac Wild’s super sexy step-mom, she crashes his hot-tub session and surprises him with her ahem very European ideas about poolside nudity. This sultry seductress makes Zac’s horniness boil over, and soon enough she’s brought him inside for a forbidden fuck that leaves her pretty face covered in cum.

IRL – Interracial Lesbians

Cassie and Kira in Elegant Angel's "Interracial Lesbians"

The chemistry between Cassie and Kira Noir in this lesbian scene was on fire! Cassie comes by Kira’s house under the guise of checking out a car, but Kira quickly susses out that Cassie wants more than a ride. The flirty, giggling duo can’t keep their hands off each other; they’re both fit AF! It’s not hard to imagine the electricity coming off their tight bods and smooth skin as they touched each other intimately. Cassie gasps, “You’re good at this!” as Kira licks her clit and finger fucks her snatch.

Glamour Girls 5

Cassie Del Isla and Ramon Nomar in "Glamour Girls 5"

The Glamour Girls series is all about taking viewers inside the private lives of porn’s hottest socialites. Dressed in a shimmering gold party dress and thigh high boots, Cassie tells us all about her life on Réunion and what a night on the town looks like for her. She shows us what moves she busts on the dancefloor, and it’s clear that she knows her body well. There’s a fire in her eyes as she makes love to the camera, and soon enough she’s also making love to costar Ramon Nomar. She cries out in ecstasy as her gold dress slowly comes off, and she gives a fierce fucking performance.

Cul-de-Sex 3

Cassie Del Isla fucks her new neighbor for Elegant Angel

In her latest scene from the just-released Cul-de-Sex 2, Cassie gets to act in the silly, campy porno fun that we all know and love. She brings a cherry pie to her young new neighbor, Jay Romero, and her body language drips with innuendo. Cassie gives Jay a welcome that’s warmer than a pie fresh from the oven when she pounces on him and tears his clothes off. Shot in POV, this scene gives us an incredible look at Cassie’s sexual athleticism; she rides Jay’s cock like an absolute beast!

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