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Coming Soon – “Cream Pi Day” Starring Gal Ritchie

Gal Ritchie stars in "Cream Pi Day" for Elegant Angel, directed by Sid Knox

Pi Day is coming a day early here on Elegant Angel with a sexy new scene titled Cream Pi Day starring English actress Gal Ritchie. The Sid Knox-directed clip celebrates the mathematical constant π, an infinite number of digits typically rounded to 3.14. You might remember π from math class as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Gal makes her Elegant debut as a naughty neighbor with a nerdy streak who uses the March 14 holiday as an excuse to invite Charles Dera to taste her pie, and also give her his very own cream pie.

“My scene with Elegant Angel was incredible!” wrote Ms. Ritchie. “Charles and I have great chemistry; my pussy was begging for his cock throughout the scene, especially when he was railing me in doggy!”

“Talking about this has now made me need to go use my vibrator!” she cheekily concluded.

Cream Pi Day starring Gal Ritchie will be available to Elegant Angel members on Wednesday, March 13.

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