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Tiffany Watson – Squirtwoman’s Tell-All Interview

Tiffany Watson - The Tell All Interview on the Elegant Angel Blog.

With her organic, messy performances and high-energy presence, Tiffany Watson has carved out a place for herself as one of the top veterans in the adult industry. After watching her squirting talents evolve over her career, it was a no-brainer that she should star in her own showcase, and thus Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman came to be. In this tell-all interview, Tiffany discussed landing the role of Squirtwoman, filming her first DP, and how to stay hydrated on set.

Congratulations on being the newest Squirtwoman! How does that feel?

Oh my god, it feels so good. It was something that had been brought up a few times over several years, so to finally be Squirtwoman is quite the honor.

Pat Myne said that he would only film this if you, Tiffany Watson, were Squirtwoman. What do you think it is about you that made you the one and only choice for this role?

Personally, I would say it’s because of the crazy gushing that I have mastered at this point in my career. Pat has had me on many sets of his where I’m doing my insane squirting, so he’s seen what I’m capable of. I got it like that.

You’re the fifth Squirtwoman in history and the first one that we’ve had since 2018. How did you put your own unique Tiffany Watson flavor on this legendary title?

Just being myself; doing what I do, and doing it really well, while still being very real about who I am, which is Tiffany Watson! I also think that that’s why Pat hand-picked me; he sees how organic I am on and off set, but then my performances really do all the walking and talking for me.

Tiffany Watson's 1st DP scene with Zac Wild and John Strong in Elegant Angel's "Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman"

Your first DP is in this movie! Your fans been waiting for this for a long, long time. What can they expect to see?

Me, in pure ecstasy. Now I wasn’t on drugs, but boy, I did feel like it. I had no clue what to expect. I did not ask anybody questions about what to expect. I just fucking did it. And it was way better than I could have ever imagined. I think that when my fans watch it, they’re going to be over the moon, seeing me take two dicks at the same time like that.

You looked over the moon in that scene, oh my god!

Thank you! The way you see me is how I was truly feeling. It was almost like there was no performance, all just real, because I was like, Holy fucking shit. And you know, I always had a dream about being held between two guys, like they do with DP, and I finally got to live out that dream. It was far better than I could have ever imagined. So 10 out of 10, will do it again for sure.

And the girl-girl orgy was crazy. What is the secret to nailing down a great scene with so many models and so much squirt?

To be honest, we got super lucky. The cast was all handpicked; Pat and I agreed on who was going to be a good fit for what we wanted to do. And fuck, all of those girls are just amazing. They’re all top-tier squirters. They are really great, easy personalities to get along with. I think that’s how it turned out so well, just the fact that everybody was there to do one job and that job was to have a dirty little squirting sleepover, and we fucking did that!

It looked like you had so much fun. Like, just girls being girls!

It was! It was just the cutest girly thing that any girl could have ever girled about!

Tiffany Watson has a threesome with Nicole Doshi and Vince Karter in Elegant Angel's "Squirtwoman:

And then the threesome with Nicole Doshi and Vince Karter was so intense. What was it like working with them?

It was insane. Both of them are so crazy high energy, intense, fucking sexy people. I don’t even know how to put it; they just radiate this dirty, hot, sexy energy. And when I have two people like that to work with, I’m ready to do anything. I will go on my knees for both of them because they just vibe off of their sexual energy. It was insane working with both of them. I can’t imagine not working with both of them at the same time again. Individually they would still blow my mind, but together they were just two really strong performers. Especially in this movie, it was very important to have great, high energy. And they brought all of that and then some.

Tell me a little bit about the creative process behind selecting what scenes you wanted to film and who you wanted to shoot with.

I wanted to work with new people. I’ve already seen everybody’s work, and I’ve already seen what everybody’s capable of doing, so I wanted to bring the newer faces around me. But to be completely honest, gonzo is my number one favorite thing to shoot. So Pat and I talked about options and who was going to be good for what we were looking for, who would make it something really high energy and hot. I just wanted really strong performers that were going to get down and dirty and really just have fun with it.

We wanted people that were going to bring good energy, because doing what we do, it’s very intimate. Being able to do an energy exchange and not be drained after the fact is very important to me. That definitely was a big part of the planning of everything. But really, I just wanted to look like a dirty little slut for you and I think I did that.

Tiffany Watson gets tribbed by Emma Magnolia while squirt queens Skylar Snow, Olivia Jay, and Whitney Wright watch

Are there any memorable moments from set that stand out to you?

The moment when the two guys in my DP were holding me up was really memorable. And then I have not stopped thinking about the girl-girl squirting orgy because there was not a single fucking moment to rest. There was so much going on. And when we got done, I was like, I want to marry all of you because this was so hot. And you know, it’s so funny because Pat had someone on set who lets us know how much time we have left and how much we’ve shot. And we were like, Really? We only have to shoot five more minutes? Come on. This is so much fun, it’s so good. It just went by so fast. I think about that entire scene a lot because it was just so hot. Everybody’s just swallowing each other, playing with each other. It’s just really, really hot.

Do you have a favorite scene from your showcase?

My DP. I liked that everything was about me. As much as I love working with other girls and everybody, I liked that I had a moment for it to be all about me and what I wanted, and that was by far my favorite.

What kind of sensations do you feel in your body when you squirt?

It’s a very large release. It’s orgasming while squirting, so my body feels like it is convulsing. It’s almost like a very silent convulse, because it’s so much exiting my body, and my clit feels crazy. It’s just a lot going on, but it feels really good. Having that release, and knowing I’m making such a mess makes me even more turned on to be completely honest.

Tiffany Watson performs double penetration with Zac Wild and John Strong in "Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel

How’d you figure out that you could squirt in the first place?

Many moons ago, I was playing with my showerhead, and I didn’t realize the feeling that I was feeling was exactly that: squirting. Many years later, I squirted for the first time and I was like, Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I just made a mess. And the guy said, No, you just squirted all over the place, that was so fucking hot. And I realized that’s what that feeling is. Because again, using my showerhead, how am I gonna know? Right?

So I figured it out at a younger age but didn’t learn how to control it until I was about 23. And I’m 28 now. So it had taken me years to actually know how to do it and I know when I’m about to do it. I can tell how my body is feeling right before it happens and as it happens and after it happens, you know? Now I’m able to have more control because I’ve gotten really good at it.

How do you get prepared for a squirting scene? Do you have a routine that you do or anything like that?

I very much have a routine and I’m very particular with my routine because I take a lot of pride in my squirting. So in the morning, no coffee; I’ll maybe go for an energy drink. Then I drink a lot of water and only room-temp water. I do not drink cold water, not even on set. I drink it until my system is flushed out completely and I’m releasing just clear liquids. After that, I drink Berry Blast Pedialyte, every single time. And I’ll drink four or five of those, as well as maybe eight to ten bottles of water. The Pedialyte helps hydrate me and gives me electrolytes, but it also makes my squirt taste like Berry Blast.

I’ll say on set, Are you ready to get Berry Blasted? And you know, people will get it in their mouth and say, Wow, that’s really sweet. And I’m like, Yeah, I know. I did that on purpose. [laughs] It just makes the experience so much more enjoyable for myself and everybody, you know? Especially what it tastes good; you can swallow all of me!

Vince Karter has anal sex with Nicole Doshi while Tiffany Watson watched in Elegant Angel's "Squirtwoman"

Why room-temp water?

So that I’m not wasting so much energy for the water to warm up to my body’s core temperature and start to get processed to the next level, if that makes sense. And I have cold sensitive teeth, so I don’t even drink cold water on a day-to-day basis because I don’t like it.

That’s pretty smart!

Yeah, yeah, the more you know, right?

You’re just like a little power plant of squirt.

It’s a never-ending spout, I like to say.

You’ve been in the industry since 2015; how have you as a performer evolved up to this point?

I think I’ve defined my persona as a whole, my performer persona, and my own life. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. I think when people get into the industry at a younger age, they think it’s necessary to be crazy 1990s porno over-the-top screaming, and I was very much like that. My blow jobs were like dry jobs. I’ve changed a lot and for the better, because if this is something you’re gonna do for as long as I’ve been doing it, or even longer, you want to get into a mode where you’re still having fun. It’s not just work, but ultimately it is work, right?

But I want to get mine too. So what I’m not going to do is fake it for you, but I’m gonna get mine, no matter what we do. I think overall, it’s helped me stick to my roots, as weird as that is. Performer me is still very similar to regular me. And as far as sex goes, it’s just up a little bit more than my normal sex life. I stay organic, which I think ultimately helps with my performance and set life.

Tiffany Watson has a squirting orgy with Emma Magnolia and Skylar Snow in Elegant Angel's "Squirtwoman"

I feel like the best performers are the ones that can maintain a level of authenticity with their performances and still keep a little bit of themselves for themselves, you know?

Yes, yes, absolutely. I am a firm believer in keeping a divide between your work persona and your personal persona. And that goes for anything that you do in life. I’m not bringing work home with me. Work stays on set. I think it’s very, very healthy in the long run to keep that divide.

What makes you feel sexy?

Acknowledgment, validation. Big big men. Men,  just men, I love men. I love women. I love attention. If somebody’s really reading my body language, and willing to see all that they can do with me, and not in a using manner, but more in the sense of, I want you to push me a little past my limit, while making me feel good. And it’s so rare. It’s so rare. My expectations after getting into the industry have skyrocketed because I have been shown the best of the best. I feel like my expectations are a little too high sometimes because I think, Oh, you’re never gonna meet this level. I always got me. I don’t need anybody. I promise you that.

But I want somebody to make me feel sexy, and on set, the guys, they fucking love women. They love women, and they make that very known. So you feel like you’re the best thing that they’ve seen all day. And you probably are!

Tiffany Watson's tell-all interview with Elegant Angel to discuss "Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman"

Any final words for your fans?

I hope that you enjoy every single second of this work of art that has been talked about for quite some time and took even more time to put together. There was a lot more behind the scenes than what people see. I just really want people to enjoy this because there was a lot that went into it. And I hope that they get to see me to more DPs out there in the wild, wild lands of Porn Land.

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