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Leana Lovings – The Unlocked Interview

Leana Lovings Interview about her Elegant Angel showcase "Leana Unlocked" directed by Sid Knox

While on set for her stunning star showcase Leana Unlocked, Leana Lovings took a break from filming to sit down with director Sid Knox for a scintillating interview. Ever the sweetheart, she dished on her hopes and dreams for the movie, guilty pleasures, and porn’s next big trends.

If you had to sum up the Leana Lovings brand in a single sentence, what would it be?

I’d say it’s all about loving intensely, and exploring just how much love I can give everybody.

In what ways has that brand evolved during your career?

It started out very, very exploratory and it still is, but I’ve grown a lot more confident in my ability to show how much I enjoy everything that I do, which has given me a lot more freedom to be able to share more with my fans. It’s pretty fun being able to be more confident instead of super quiet and shy all of the time.

Leana Lovings gets fucked with a strap-on dildo by Maya Woulfe with Freya Parker in a lesbian nun scene from Elegant Angel's "Leana Unlocked"

Your showcase includes a nun fetish sequence. What most appeals to you about that particular theme?

The thing that really gets me excited about it is the fact that I’ve always said in a bunch of my interviews that my biggest fetish was lesbian nun porn, so I’m really excited to be able to explore this. This is something that I’ve always wanted to really play off of. I cannot wait to explore that dynamic; I want to make it very intense, very authentic. And I want to express all the things that I never really got to growing up in a church.

If you shoot a sequel to your showcase at some point, what would you hope to see in it?

I would actually want the sequel to be a series of firsts that I haven’t done before. I definitely have not done my first anal, and I think that would be something very fascinating to explore. I haven’t tried double penetration, and I think that would be so sexy. Oh my gosh, I mean, there are so many firsts that I want to explore. I want to make my second showcase have a really big bang of sexual fun and ecstasy.

In what ways do the movie’s other scenes amplify and explore interesting aspects of your sexual self?

I get to explore a variety of scenes that really accentuate my sexuality. I am playing a girl who’s opening different doors that show very sexy situations. Either I’m a nun or I’m exploring myself as a doctor having sex with her patient, or I’m having a boy-boy-girl. Honestly, there’s so much and it shows the full dynamic of all of my self-expression and my love. There’s always room for me to share more of myself.

I love girls, I love guys, I love being able to touch and feel bodies and I love the excitement of different settings and stories. Being able to find all of these scenes compiled into one just feels so perfect and it is so extremely special to me. As a performer, I feel like this is really the culmination of two years of porn and being able to pursue my artistic expression

Leana Lovings dressed as a sexy nurse while having sex with Isiah Maxwell in reverse cowgirl position in Elegant Angel's movie "Leana Unlocked"

What would you name your showcase if you could pick any title at all, no matter how quirky or bizarre?

I think that I would name it “The Doors of Fate: An Exploratory Sensual Series…” [laughs] something like that! I don’t know, I know that sounds probably a little bit dorky, but I feel like it fits with the title; just a variety of different doors opening, almost like alternate futures, alternate selves.

Talk about your previous collaborations with Elegant Angel. What were some of the most memorable moments?

I’d have to say the very first scene that I did for Elegant Angel which was with Ramon Nomar; it was absolutely wonderful, absolutely fantastic, and very thrilling. I love to be on set with him. I was a student who was willing to do anything to get a letter of recommendation to the program of my choice. I was so excited to be able to play this part. We just had such fantastic fluidity; Ramon was great.

And my other very memorable moment for Elegant Angel was my Best New Starlets 2023 scene. I have to say, it was really wonderful working with Prince. I’d always wanted to work with him; I remember when I just started in porn, on one of my very first trips to LA, I saw him on a set. We held hands, and we said, You know what, we are going to work together one day. And that was the scene that we did; it was so fantastic, and it turned out so amazing. I’m really happy with how both of those scenes look. I think they are incredibly sexy.

Leana Lovings poses outside in black lingerie

What do you regard as the defining characteristic of pornstars of your generation?

You know, it’s hard to give a defining characteristic of every porn star in my generation, which is like 1990s-2000s. We’re all so different, and I think that’s what’s really special about us. I mean, the image of the porn star before, is that we were supposed to be untouchable. The porn stars were someone that you looked up to and thought, Oh, my gosh, they are 10 out of 10, I could never even dare to approach them. They were just something that you’ve dreamed about and fantasized about that you thought as an impossible living legend.

But with the girls that are in my time, we’ve decided to humanize ourselves just a little bit more; we’re very personable. We’re very immediately connected to an audience, either from live streaming or from other forms of media, where we’re constantly sharing things about our lives. I really think that’s special because they can learn more about us.

Do you live in the moment, taking your career as it comes, or do you prefer to have a master plan?

I think that the current gist of what I do is that I alternate between the two. Your plan has to be dynamic; some things you take in the moment, because you can’t plan for everything. You just have to embrace what pops up and I am embracing the entire journey and taking it full throttle. I only really thought that I was going to be doing two scenes. When I first started, I thought I’d just dip my toes into the water and see if I liked it, and then I’d go on my merry way.

But porn took me by the shoulders and just sort of dragged me into it. And I absolutely love it! So now my plans have changed. I’m going into directing and going into deeper explorations of my artistry as a porn star, a performer, and all the aspects of it. I just can’t stop drinking it in. I just need more of it.

Leana Lovings rides Zac Wild in reverse cowgirl while jerking off Charles Dera, who is holding onto a leash attached to Leana's collar

What’s an aspect of your personality that would surprise people?

I think that there’s not much that would surprise people about me. I know that a lot of people in porn like to express certain aspects of themselves that don’t stick to reality, but really I am who I am in person. All of it’s really me; I just magnify some of those things. Like I might be a little bit more shy, but you know, I’m definitely shy in person. I would never do the things that I do in porn in real life. Because outside of everything else I wear like three sweaters; I’m completely covered up from head to toe. I’m unrecognizable and I’m back to the geeky nerdy librarian girl that I always have been. Sometimes you get to see that behind the camera, but I’m always unraveled and undressed by the end of it.

What’s your biggest current guilty pleasure?

Okay, so some of my fans might know this, but I’m a really big fan of candy, and sometimes the instant that I wake up, I have candy sitting behind my bed that I can just grab and have a little bit of. This morning I had a handful of Buncha Crunch! I know it’s my vice, but I have a candy addiction.

Freya Parker and Leana Lovings dressed as sexy nuns getting up close with Maya Woufe's pussy, and Leana is about to lick Maya's clit

What do you view as porn’s next big trend?

Porn is always changing. It’s so fluid. Everyone’s interests change from year to year, and I think that porn’s biggest trends happen to fall in line with OnlyFans and things that require POV exploration. I think that the biggest trend really is just deeper character development, more personalization, and a more intimate connection with the viewer. Even if it’s not POV, I think that porn’s just going to get very deeply personal. I think that that personal touch is just what people need. We’re in a time where technology makes us feel isolated from so many people. It’s a nice comfort to have.

Tell us about your costars in this movie! What made you want to work with them on this project?

So for this movie, I’m working with Isiah Maxwell, Maya Woulfe, Freya Parker, Zac Wild, Charles Dera, and Clarke Kent. It’s an amazing cast of fantastic people that I’ve enjoyed having sex with a whole bunch. I have had wonderfully fun scenes with all the performers that I’m working with.  I feel like being able to have the opportunity to showcase all of that in this movie is just perfect!

Leana Lovings dressed as a sexy nurse, with a blue latex glove, referencing the cover of Blink 182's album "Enema of the State." Isiah Maxwell, wearing a hospital gown, watches in the background

How did you come to be so wholesome yet so kinky?

I guess it just comes down to my name. I mean, I actually started exploring some of the kinky things before I even lost my virginity because I thought that it was less scary than sex! [laughs] So I got into bondage before anything else; I just thought, there’s no penetration, so what hurts? There are just all these different ways to interact with other people and connect with them and bond with them without ever experiencing penetration. I thought that I could still experience the intensity of that closeness, and that’s what drew me into everything. I know that my path is a little bit different from everyone else’s, but I appreciate and treasure it because it’s made me very different.

You have a very “loving” performance style, as befits your name. In what ways did that factor into the concept for this movie?

I think it’s very sweet of you to say that I have a loving performance style. I think it’s also sweet that you’d say that it’s fitting of my name. I’d like to say that my performance style is embodied in every scene that we’re doing in this film. This film means a lot to me. Every scene that I’ve done includes genuine attraction, genuine emotion, and sensation. And I’m always easily filled up by everything that touches me, everyone that I interact with. It’s always going to be loving, every single expression. This movie is just an exploration of love with the people that I very much enjoyed working with.

Leana Lovings, wearing a red dress and masquerade mask, spreads her legs to reveal black lace panties. Zac Wild and Charles Dera, wearing capes and masks, lurk behind her.

What do you hope your fans will think and feel after watching your showcase?

I really hope that my fans feel like they’ve seen another part of me. In the beginning, the intro talks about a butterfly breaking out of her cocoon, and I hope that my fans can see that they contributed to all of this. They contributed to me shedding my lining and growing up into a butterfly, someone with bright vivid colors and an imagination that shows itself in my sexuality. It’s all from their encouragement, because I never would have had the courage to do this outside of porn, and everyone’s wonderful affirmations have all made this possible. I hope they think of themselves and what they did to contribute to this when they see this movie.

What makes you feel sexy?

That’s a very funny question because sexiness is just something that sparks inside of me. It’s like a switch. I just sometimes feel it coming on to me the way that you might feel rain in your bones. It floods from inside of me and it takes over all the way to the edges of my skin. And then I become an entirely different person and the embodiment of arousal and intimacy and that’s everything that I want to be.

As a certified candy lover, what’s your favorite sweet treat?

As a certified candy lover, I can confirm that my favorite treat is the most unloved because I have to be a just candy Goddess: I love candy corn! Look, I have to love all the unloved candies (except Lemonheads because Lemonheads can suck it) but really when you think about it, candy corn deserves to be treasured.

Any final words for your fans at Elegant Angel?

Thank you so much. You have all my kisses, all of my love.

Watch Leana Unlocked including Leana Lovings’s full interview with director Sid Knox here.

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