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Squirtwoman in the News

Tiffany Watson's tell-all interview with Elegant Angel to discuss "Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman"

It’s absolutely fitting that Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman made a big splash in the porn world! Here’s a look at some news coverage from Adult Empire, Gamelink, and Hotmovies, including must-see interviews with Squirtwomen past and present!

First Look: Elegant Angel’s ‘Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman’ by Jackie Daytona

"Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman" by Elegant Angel

“The trailer shows off the fact that this squirtwoman is far more than a one-trick pony, featuring a full frontal view of Tiffany Watson’s very first DP scene. That’s right, Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman features her very first double penetration, as if we needed another reason to watch. Ultimately, it’s a celebration of squirting in all its forms, and it promises to be perhaps the most hardcore and intense Squirtwoman yet.” [Read more]

Tiffany Watson on the Adult Empire Podcast

Tiffany Watson podcast interview on Adult Empire

“Pornstar Tiffany Watson joins the Adult Empire Podcast to discuss her new Elegant Angel showcase, Tiffany Watson Is Squirtwoman. She tells the secrets of her squirting skills, chats about her wild new all-girl scene, reveals her personal squirting distance record, and much more.” [Listen now]

Interview: Kleio Valentien Looks Back on ‘Squirtwoman’ by Dallas

Kleio Valentien in "Squirtwoman: Wasteland" interviewed by Adult Empire

“The movie was shot in the middle of the desert. The crew and cast members who were on set multiple days camped out in RVs. It was a lot of fun. I love to camp and hike as a hobby, so that was a bonus for me. Staying hydrated for the scenes while camping out in the desert was a challenge, which was actually the premise for the movie, haha.” [Read more]

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman’ by Jackie Daytona

Tiffany Watson's tell-all interview with Elegant Angel to discuss "Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman"

“Squirtwoman is an institution, and it can’t be lead by just anyone. That’s why Elegant Angel chose Tiffany; bold, blonde, bodacious, and curved in all the right places. She has a history of magnificent squirting, hardcore anal, and glorious orgies. Versatility stretches across her entire catalogue, just like it has stretched her big beautiful ass. If that’s not enough, she literally starts the movie driving shirtless down the highway in a convertible, roof down and bulging tits out, rubbing her erect nipples while the wind blows in her hair. Her attitude is thrilling and arousing, as shown in the first scene when she drops her ass down along with Nicole Doshi and begins to tease their male prey, “give us that fucking cock you bad boy.”” [Read more]

Tiffany Watson’s Squirting Secrets by Rusk Baskin

"Tiffany Watson's Squirting Secrets" on the HotMovies blog

“Watson first learned about squirting while masturbating in the shower. ‘I know for a fact I was squirting then, but it was very hard to tell because I’m obviously in the shower, right? So you can’t really see the liquid. But I remember the feeling,’ she says. Later, when she began shooting porn, she squirted on set while using a Hitachi. At first, she was embarrassed, but a crew member reassured her.  ‘No, you just squirted. That was fucking awesome.’ And I was like, I don’t even know what that is. And then I was like, oh shit, squirting is a thing. And then I kind of started dipping my toes into it a little bit more.'” [Read more]

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