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Elegant Angel’s “The Visitor” Starring Anna Claire Clouds

Elegant Angel presents "The Visitor" written and directed by Harry Sparks, starring Anna Claire Clouds, Alex Jones, Alex Coal, Nicole Doshi, Danny Steele, Nathan Bronson, and Isiah Maxwell

Today Elegant Angel drops Episode 1 of our first full-length feature adult film in 12 years: The Visitor. Written and directed by Harry Sparks, The Visitor is an original romantic fantasy about David, a humanoid alien (Alex Jones), and Kate (Anna Claire Clouds) the beautiful young nurse who finds the courage to save her new friend from powerful government agents.

“I’m so grateful to have been a part of this amazing project with such a talented cast and crew!,” wrote Clouds. “I think I’m just as excited to see the outcome as the fans are! This is gonna be the sci-fi film of the year with LOTS of real raw sex! What could be better than that?”

An Original Romantic Fantasy

Anna Claire Clouds and Alex Jones star in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"


The Visitor also stars Nicole Doshi and Alex Coal, as well as Nathan Bronson, Danny Steele, and Isiah Maxwell in supporting roles.

“I’m excited for everyone to finally watch The Visitor,” wrote director Sparks. “It’s my most personal movie so far and the entire cast and crew really worked hard to bring it to life. I’ve carried the story for The Visitor in my heart for years, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it.”

All 5 episodes of The Visitor will be released daily now through Friday.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being on set with Harry and the amazing crew for the filming of The Visitor. It has been a pleasure seeing how the film came together into Harry’s vision. The performances of Anna and Alex are not to be missed, and as always, the sex sizzles on Elegant Angel screens!” raved VP of Production, Daniel Chura

Sizzling Sex

Alex Jones and Nicole Doshi star in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"


Now through Sunday, enter promo code “VISITOR” at checkout to purchase a $9.99 monthly Elegant Angel membership for life.

The Visitor episodes are available to Elegant Angel members. The full movie will be available on VOD on 5/23, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Watch Episode 1 starring Anna Claire Clouds and Nathan Bronson now. Watch the trailer for The Visitor here.

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