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Anna Claire Clouds- The Intergalactic Interview

Anna Claire Clouds - The Intergalactic Interview on the Elegant Angel blog

In our latest full-length feature film The Visitor, actress Anna Claire Clouds brings both comedy and a heartfelt performance to the role of Kate, a plucky young nurse who discovers a naked alien in her kitchen. In her second interview with Elegant Angel, Anna delved into acting on a Harry Sparks set, gushed about working with Alex Jones, and mused on the existence of intergalactic visitors.

Can you tell me a little about the character you play in The Visitor?

I play a nurse named Kate in a country town where things can go under the radar. I’m a sweet girl who has the typical broody, dickhead boyfriend who treats me poorly, but I still hope for the best for everyone around me. Throughout the movie, I learn to stand up for myself to my boyfriend and a few more people.

What did you do to prepare for this role?

I really studied my script. I tried to give the characters a backstory to get a deeper understanding of what I was getting into and who I was talking to, even if it was just made up. It helped me get more into the role.

Yeah, you’re really good at acting, particularly in comedic roles, so I was wondering if you had any prior experience with acting or theater before you got into porn?

Thank you! I did theater and I’ve taken acting classes.

But before I got into porn, I used to collaborate with a comedian on Vine. It was more adult-themed, short-form content. Funnily enough, that’s kind of what got me into porn; I just started doing adult comedy online, and I had a huge following. I got into porn slowly after that while still playing around with comedy.

Anna Claire Clouds has sex with Nathan Bronson in reverse cowgirl while wearing a cowboy hat in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

What did working with that comedian teach you about comedy and that kind of performance style?

It taught me what was and what wasn’t funny. We would do things that we thought were really funny, and then we’d look at it and it just wasn’t. I learned how to execute telling a joke.

Do you prefer performing in scripted features, or balls-to-the-wall gonzo porn?

That’s so hard to say because they’re such different things. I will always love acting more than anything else. If I get the opportunity to act, then it’ll always be what I want to do. But in my perfect world, we’d be doing the scripted scene and then all of a sudden it would turn into gonzo porn.

Is it just harder or less fun to still be acting while you’re having sex?

I love roleplay! I just also like the way that gonzo sex looks. As a viewer, it’s what I like to watch, and I like to shoot straight through with very few cuts.

But I really do love roleplay; that’s a big reason why I wish there was more acting before gonzo scenes. I like to play a different character during the sex as well. I get the opportunity to have sex a lot, so it’s nice to spice it up and roleplay and be something different.

Anna Claire Clouds lays on the grass wearing lingerie during golden hour in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

What would be your dream character to roleplay?

Just for the sexual aspect of it, I’d really like to be a nun. I’ve never been able to do something along those lines. I think it’d be a really fun character, to show a converted nun going in the wrong direction; the instance versus the transition into what she could become. A nun going a little crazy might be fun!

Most of my family’s pretty religious, so I know quite a bit about that, and it’d be really cool to be able to use that knowledge for a role and make it really authentic. I know my Bible study.

This is the first movie that Harry Sparks has directed for us, and I’m curious to know more about him. What was it like working with Harry?

Harry is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. He is so dedicated to making sure that this movie comes out the way that he envisions it. I work with a lot of directors and they’ll tell me, Oh, it’s okay. We can make it make sense. But Harry wants the story to be the story that he wrote. The sex, the acting, and the effects are all equally as important to him.

I’ve worked with him before on other projects and know what the outcomes of his movies can be, so I know that every shot is worth it because Harry sees what we’re shooting for past post-production. He’s so talented.

I said something earlier about giving the characters a backstory, and Harry has a story. He has a story for both before, during, and after the movie. Given the opportunity, he could give every character a whole series, because that is how creatively dedicated he is to his projects.

And he’s a really fun, and funny guy, and he’s excited about the work he does. He’s not jaded about it. It’s hard to describe Harry as anything other than creatively driven. He’s going for art; he is not doing this for anything other than the fact that he wants this movie to be a real thing.

Anna Claire Clouds, Alex Jones, and Harry Sparks on set for Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

Were there any memorable moments from set that stand out to you?

The most memorable moment was when I was running around the table with Alex when I realized he was an alien. So fun! Such a funny, silly, silly time.

Alex is a good friend of mine, and I knew he was a great performer, but I had no idea how good he was at acting. Working alongside him, he practiced with me as much as I wanted and we played around with our lines. A great memory for me was being able to act with him and being genuinely surprised and impressed by his acting and allowing me to play with him in the role. He really brought it.

The romantic connection that you and Alex’s characters had was really believable and felt very organic. How did you guys develop that?

Alex is easy to like. I used to have a crush on him way early in my career, but we definitely have a big appreciation for each other, each other’s work, and for each other as friends and as people. With that real appreciation for each other, it wasn’t hard for me to look at him through the eyes of a person who appreciates him romantically and sees him as more than an alien visitor.

I will say, love and appreciation for who someone is look very similar when it comes to acting. And I definitely appreciate Alex for who he is., so I think that’s why we were able to do that. And I know Alex appreciates me for who I am as a person. We are both intellectually on the same level when it comes to how we think about the world, you know? So yeah, it wasn’t hard to it wasn’t hard to portray that connection.

There were a few times when Alex ended the scene with a high five to break the tension a little bit. [laughs]

Anna Claire Clouds and Alex Jones star in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

It was funny to see Nathan Bronson playing a villain; I’ve seen his YouTube channel and he seems like such a sweet guy, and then he was just so awful and campy in this movie.

Yeah, Nathan was honestly living for his character. He did really, really good, but it was funny too! There were a couple times where he would do something and then Harry or Mad Creativity would say, Nathan that wasn’t believable. You’ve got to be meaner, come back and do it again! Sometimes he would do a little smile at the end of a line, and we’re like, Nathan you can’t smile while saying that, you have to be angry the whole time!

Nathan is such a great actor and I’m always so impressed by what he can do. Even knowing how sweet he is, I knew that he’d kill a villain role. He was just all in.

Okay, fun question! If you could hop on a spaceship with a hot alien who looks like Alex Jones, or any other hot person, and go have sex anywhere in the universe, where do you go?

I would go to the very edge of the universe. To the very, very, very, very edge, where you can see everything in our universe and nothing outside. I think that would be cool to be at the precipice of time and space. Who can say they’ve had sex at the precipice of time and space?

That’d be pretty hot!

I think that’s what I do. I’d say a black hole or the sun or something like that, but then we’d die.

But you’d die doing what you love!
[laughs] Exactly!

Anna Claire Clouds and Nathan Bronson having cowgirl sex in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

Do you believe in aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO?

Yes, I absolutely believe in aliens. I think it’s way more unlikely that we’re the only ones here. They’re probably not like the ones that we see on TV; it’s probably something we can’t communicate with. But there are living organisms somewhere else for sure.

Do you think they’ve visited us on Earth at any point?

If they’re smarter than us, absolutely. But if not, then we haven’t found them yet either. But I mean, the pyramids? They were probably here. I don’t see how we could have come up with the pyramid idea ourselves.

If you could if you had to describe The Visitor in only three words, what would they be?

Hilarious intergalactic romance.

What else can we look forward to seeing from you this year?

I just did the Performers of the Year 2024 shoot with you guys, and then there’s another Harry Sparks movie we’re shooting next month with Elegant Angel. And there’s a really fun and interesting first for me coming up, and also a lot more acting.

Alex Jones performs oral sex on Anna Claire Clouds in Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"

Any final word for your fans?

This is to the fans and to everyone involved in the movie. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for us to do this, whether it’s by being on the production side, or by watching The Visitor. The people that are enjoying the movie are the reason that I’m able to play this awesome and cool role and have this amazing fucking job where I get to explore different things that I’m interested in every day. So thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do. Porn is cool, but it’s really really really, really cool because of the stuff that our fans like watching.

You know, we’re not just doing stepsister stuff anymore, and our fans are interested in cool fun stories. I’m just really happy with the way porn is going, and just so grateful for the fans.

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Watch Anna’s performance in The Visitor here.

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