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‘Titwoman vs Titwoman’ in the News

Blake Blossom and Octavia Red pose in fishnet body stockings in Elegant Angel's "Titwoman vs Titwoman"

The full VOD release of Titwoman vs Titwoman starring Blake Blossom and Octavia Red set the internet a titter! Let’s take a look at what our friends at Adult Empire and HotMovies had to say about our most bodaciously boobily movie yet.

First Look: Elegant Angel’s ‘Titwoman Vs. Titwoman’ by Jackie Daytona

“Porn studio Elegant Angel dropped the trailer for its new porn movie Titwoman Vs. Titwoman, starring Blake Blossom and Octavia Red. It starts with a dramatic showdown between Blake and Octavia, both the new Titwoman, both battling for tit supremacy. They stand across from each other dressed in black laced outfits that reveal everything underneath, including their behemoth tits ready to escape and cause destruction at any moment. They meet in the middle like two cowgirls at sundown, ‘so you’re the sexy bitch I’ve been hearing about,’ Blake says to Octavia. ‘They say the same about you,’ Octavia retorts, and we’re off to the races. They continue to trade flirtatious and explicit barbs until leaning in to kiss, and then the trailer fades to black.” [Read more]

‘Titwoman’: A History in GIFs by Jackie Daytona

“In honor of the brand new release Titwoman vs. Titwoman from Elegant Angel, starring Blake Blossom and Octavia Red, we’re taking a look back at some of the hottest and craziest moments from previous Titwoman installments! From Blowjobs to threesomes, there have been a lot of memorable moments.” [Read more]

‘Titwoman vs. Titwoman’: A HotMovies Review by The Nutty Professor

“The passion and talent of Blake Blossom and Octavia Red leak through every scene, taking what would be otherwise good scenes and making them great. They know how to use their breasts to their advantage, but are also adept at using every other part of their bodies to enhance and showcase even more. Their individual performances are satisfying, but when they get together in the final two scenes is where we see and remember the true strength and meaning of Titwoman.” [Read more]

Busty Pornstars: 10 HotMovies Faves by Rusk Baskin

“For anyone who subscribed to Playboy Magazine at its peak, Blake Blossom is a welcome throwback. She’s a classic blond bombshell in the mode of fan-fave centerfolds like Courtney Culkin, who graced the magazine’s pages in 2005. Unlike Culkin, though, Blossom boasts all-natural breasts, and has put them on display in a career teeming with hardcore performances. Indeed, Elegant Angel was so impressed with her skills that the company cast her in the newest edition of the Titwoman series, alongside Octavia Red. It promises to be some of Blossom’s most memorable work yet, thanks in part to its singular focus on her stunning 32DD assets.” [Read more]

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