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Home » Flashback Friday: Eli Cross’s “The Visitor” (2003)

Flashback Friday: Eli Cross’s “The Visitor” (2003)

The Elegant Angel Blog presents Flashback Friday - The Visitor (2003) directed by Eli Cross and starring Flick Shagwell

You’ve watched and loved Harry Sparks’s The Visitor starring Anna Claire Clouds. But, did you know that Elegant Angel has another alien movie titled The Visitor?

It’s true! Way back in 2003, award-winning director Eli Cross helmed his own The Visitor. Flick Shagwell, one of the most sought-after brunettes of the early aughts, stars as an ordinary gal possessed by an alien with bad intentions. Devoid of dialogue, the movie follows Flick as she travels the streets of LA nude, seducing unaware randos and zapping them into oblivion.

Retro  Charm

Cross’s direction is bold and stylish, described as “sci-fi porn-noir with the flavor of an experimental film” and “one part hammer house, one part French new wave.” I loved the special effects and synth music. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s all part of The Visitor‘s retro charm. It feels like something super obscure that you might stumble upon on The Criterion Channel, if The Criterion Channel also streamed hardcore sex.

The Sex

Did I mention that the sex is hot af? Flick starts the movie out on a strong foot, getting fucked on a car in a blue-lit alleyway. Her alien character watches the following scenes like a zombie voyeur. It’s like she’s hypnotized by the antics of Elizabeth del Mar, Holly Hollywood, Julie Night, and Jasmine Lynn. Julie’s DP with Byron Long and Steve Holmes was a stand-out scene. But of course, Flick is the one who gets rewarded with the studs’ loads on her chest before zapping them.

Then vs Now

Both Cross’s and Sparks’s send-ups to alien fuck fantasies couldn’t be more different, despite the titles. Boy alien vs girl alien. Good alien vs bad alien. Dialogue-driven plot vs ooky spooky silence. Romance vs pure sex. And yet, both titles are solid entries to the alien sci-fi porn genre.

Definitely give Eli Cross’s 2003 The Visitor if you’re a fan of art 2000’s porn and sinister brunettes!

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