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Anna Claire Clouds and Harry Sparks on the Adult Empire Podcast

Director Harry Sparks holding a clapper with Alex Jones and Anna Claire Clouds on set for Elegant Angel's "The Visitor"- Harry and Anna were both recently interviewed on the Adult Empire Podcast

In the latest episode of the Adult Empire Podcast, host Dallas sat down with two VIPs from our newest feature film, The Visitor: leading lady Anna Claire Clouds and writer-director Harry Sparks.

Like its title character, The Visitor is not easily characterized.

On the surface, it’s a science-fiction movie about an alien who lands on Earth. But it’s also a touching romance about two lost souls, a playful comedy with subtle physical byplay, and a government conspiracy thriller. “Plus, there’s a lot of really good sex,” jokes its leading actor. The movie’s director, Harry Sparks, is a true student of film, drawing from an array of influences to produce Elegant Angel’s first feature porn movie in over a decade. Helping him bring his vision to life is Anna Claire Clouds, a performer whose acting talents are surpassed only by her skills in the bedroom. We chatted with Clouds and Sparks in two in-depth interviews to delve into the making of The Visitor.

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